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New service from SMI music


Let's talk about drum samples.

They all have a lot.

But how to use them?

* Just lay out on the desktop station?

This is not serious and not interesting in terms of production flexibility.


* Maybe use a sampler?

But he also does not always produce the desired results.


* What if it were in the form of a drum module?


Which is always at hand.
And a lot of controllers to change the sound.
A whole range of sounds with a convenient option.


That is what we offer.
We can create for you a personal module with your favorite samples.

What do you get in total?

* Personal interface of our SMI player VST (color scheme)

* Only your unique serial number

* We will create a keyboard layout which you order


If you haven't used our SMI player yet, download it


And if you have a desire to create your own module, we are ready to help.


Contact us and we will discuss all the details.






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