Music production / mastering

Song , beat production + Mastering # 2 processing = Successful release of your tracks

If you like the sound of our tracks, you can contact us for production and mastering. We can provide conditions for the release of your tracks on Spotify, iTunes and others.

These resources are already taking music from us. Therefore, we can guarantee you the quality necessary for such a level.

Plus we advise and accompany you on publishing issues. You release your music regardless of labels and publishers. But this does not prevent you from collecting your royalties. On the contrary, you will have a 100% profit from the sales of your tracks.

Plus, with our help, you can license your music for synchronization in films and TV.

Now a few words about modern mastering.

The fact is that with the advent of streaming resources, something has changed. Namely appeared mastering # 2.

Until now, we were well aware of mastering, which ended with the release of the CD. Now everything is different. Music has to be given to streaming. And now, in addition to the usual mastering, we have to prepare the track for broadcast on digital radio. This is a completely different process. That is why not everyone succeeds in modern show business.

Only is the complete knowledge about the process of the second mastering gives us the opportunity to assert that the tracks we have completed hit the target.

Therefore, in addition to high-quality sampling instruments, we offer the services of placing your tracks on important resources.

Of course you are interested in how much it may cost. Yes, it will not be free, but it will be possible to any person.

All these questions we can discuss in the correspondence.

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