Loyalty program

We guarantee a refund for a full purchase within 30 days.



We can and want to take into account the wishes of our customers. That is, you can find out what sounds you need based on our trial versions, and order them to create your personal instrument.
We ask for a week to form your instrument and sell it at the price of the factory version.

We can also take into account your wishes when creating future releases.
You can write to us about instruments you would like to hear in the new VST.




We understand that not everyone who wants has the necessary amount to purchase.
But man really needs this product.
Maybe he creates songs or beats and makes a living.

Our loyalty program offers a solution in this case.
You can donate from 1 to 19 dollars and get the right product to use for 30 days with a full user license (light versions of products). That is, all your products created by you during this period will be considered legal.

After this period, the product and license will not be valid.



There is also help for beginners. To find out, download this file.





What need to do?
 Make a donation.

Receiver name:

sergey smirnov

Card USD:

5168 7422 0872 1799

Card EUR:

5168 7422 0872 1807

Card UAH:

5168 7422 1889 7415

Card RUB:

4890 4943 6929 5076


After payment, we will send a download link.

 Write us a letter, confirm your name and donation amount.
 Also indicate which of our products or help interest you.



We hope that you appreciate our contribution to the development of modern music production.




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