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Contest idea / rules:

Producers are invited to create a track (tracks) of any genre only with the help of our VST.

The use of instruments and synthesizers of other brands is not allowed.

We are sure that our VST will be enough to create a full-fledged commercial track.

Because we have a drum module, as well as two melodic instruments.


Period of the competition:

From February 1 to March 1.

For this month, participants will be provided with our products in a trial version of 30 days. During this period, all products created using the VST will be considered legal.


Prizes of the competition:

1 place


* Trap E.Piano
* Tropical Trap EXP
* Drums Favourite Trap (drum module)

* Drop Trap (Sylenth1 soundbank) 
                                (soon to be released) 

Total 100 USD Plus

2nd place

Our EXP is "Tropical Trap"(size 3,2GB).

Total 44 USD (full price)

3rd place

Our drum module "Drum Favourite Trap"(size 700M).

Total 44 USD (full price)


All other participants will receive a 50% Off on all our products during the competition. 


Application rules:

Applications are accepted until February 1 inclusive.
You need to submit an application in free form by e-mail (
asking to participate.

Your emails will be your contest IDs.
1) With their help, you can download VST on February 1 and start participating.
2) With their help, you can get a coupon for 50% off.

Your tracks are accepted until March 1.

Winners will be announced on March 8th.


We wish you good luck and have fun!


Competition group on Facebook